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Who Is The Observer?

October 16, 2008

If you have been following J.J. Abrams’ new sci-fi/drama Fringe you might be spending an inordinate amount of time wondering who the Observe really is. Since he was first introduced in last week’s episode, as the strange man with a taste for spicy food, a black suit & fedora, and coincidentally seems to be showing […]

Why I Might Be Tempted To Watch Stargate Atlantis

August 7, 2008

Two words: Robert Picardo. The Doctor was easily the best character on Star Trek Voyager, adding humor and real acting to a show which (although I love it with all my heart) lacked both those qualities. Now Robert Picardo is taking up a full time role on Stargate Atlantis as Richard Woolsey. I can’t say […]

First Glimpse Into Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse

May 16, 2008

I have a confession to make which may or may not affect my geek cred. My confession is this: I am not a huge Joss Whedon fan. Now I’m not saying that I dislike Joss Whedon or his work, I have simply not payed much attention to it. I didn’t watch Firefly, or Buffy the […]

Trey Parker Talks About the Internet and New Media

April 24, 2008

In a recent Los Angeles Times article South Park co-creator Trey Parker, talked about how the Internet is changing the way we watch television and how it affects storytelling. The conversation started because of recent South Park episodes such as “Over Logging” and “Canada On Strike”  which both have story lines that are centered around […]

Battlestar Galactica Theories Abound

April 21, 2008

[SPOILER ALERT] Please DO NOT read this post unless you are up to speed and caught up to the latest episode of BSG, otherwise you’ll just be mad, and possibly frightened. The last post about Battlestar Galactica seemed to get a fair bit of feedback, I’ve also had several lengthy conversations regarding what may be […]