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Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1a is a High Class Hooker

November 15, 2008

The XPERIA XIa (who names this shit?) is now available for pre-order, and it has a heafty price tag attached to it. $799 (US) will get you Sony’s answer to the T-Mobile G1 (and the iPhone, Blackberry Bold/Storm, HTC Touch HD Pro… whatever it’s called). Is it really worth it? Would you pay that kind […]

My New Favourite Piece of Tech

September 28, 2008

I was recently given a gift certificate to the premium tea site which specializes in loose leaf tea and tea accessories, so I decided to pick up a few things, including the ingenuiTEA pot. In my relationship with tea I have used many different methods for brewing it: using low quality tea bags, colander […]

Discovering Quicksilver

September 27, 2008

Quicksilver Tutorial Mac OS X If you run Mac OS X, and you aren’t already using Quicksilver, you should be. I’ve been using this little app since shortly after I got my first iMac thanks to a friend who uses it religiously on her Macbook. At first I thought it was cool, good for getting […]

The Only Decent Competitor To iPhone (In My Humble Opinion)

September 26, 2008

T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Hands-On It’s too bad we won’t be seeing any of these in Canada (unless they get unlocked and sold on the net, which we all know WILL happen) because this thing looks pretty slick. I’ve had the opportunity to play around with various smartphones, including those running Windows Mobile, and RIM’s […]

Peter Rojas And Ryan Block Return To The Gadget World With gdgt

September 16, 2008

Do you like fiddling with you smartphone, surfin’ the web on your laptop/desktop, or perhaps making your way through level three’s tight graphics on your gaming console? If you like gadgets and all forms of technology and enjoying staying up to date with the latest and greates I highly recommend Peter Rojas and Ryan Block’s […]