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Toys From My Childhood

Remember when you used to actually get excited for the holidays? In those days Christmas was something to look forward to: presents, candy, food, and a couple weeks off school to play with your sweet new toys. These days the holidays just stress me out, so in the spirit of not being a total downer I composed this list of the most awesome toys/gifts I received in my younger years.

  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Thrower

TMNT was basically the coolest thing ever, and when I was young nothing was more awesome than getting a new TMNT action figure or accessory. The Pizza Thrower was a small vehicle the one of the four turtles could sit on, it had moving wheels and shot tiny pizza projectiles. This thing was powered by a pair of D Cells and was LOUD, it seriously sounded like a vaccum or a blender. When I was turned on it would move forward and if you hit a button on the side it sent a barrage of plastic pizzas at a surprising speed. And if you were anything like me you didn’t use this to knock down just action figures. I’d run around the house with this things blasting the shit outta everything: pets, parents and fine china. Did I mention that the pizzas were made of hard plastic, and propelled by an electric motor? Getting hit in the  face with one of these wasn’t like a Nerf dart, it hurt.

  • Ghostbusters Firehouse

I remember sitting on the floor of my grandparents house this large present in front of me, anxious to open it and see what treasures it contained. Well it turns out it was one of the coolest action figure playsets EVER. Not only was it almost 2 feet tall, and had a firepole that Egon, Ray, Winston or Peter could actually use to get to the lower level, it also came with a jar of red slime. The red slime was the best because you could place an action figure on the bottom level and pour the slime on the roof, it would seep through the floors and down onto unsuspecting bystander IN THEORY. In reality you’d douce that sucker with slime only to have the vast majority of it pour all over your grandmother’s rug, leaving a permanent red stain, and you without the coolest part of your new toy. (This incident would later be repeated with a jar of TMNT Ooze).

To be continued…


2 Responses to “Toys From My Childhood”

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  2. I had a TMNT action figure (I believe it was Leonardo) that was holding a pizza box at waist level, and said pizza box shot plastic disks that vaguely resembled pizzas at members of the Foot Clan and/or any other bad guys who got in the way. It was fantastic.

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