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Gay Pride Winnipeg

June 9, 2008

It’s gay pride day in Winnipeg today, festivities include a big gay brunch, a parade, and a business fair and market. Check out the official site here. [UPDATE] I probably would have posted real photos and what not, but I’m actually too busy staying home enjoying my new couches. Advertisements

Things I have learned about Winnipeg, Manitoba

June 4, 2008

– Apparently Bison aren’t as common as squirrels. I don’t know where I got this idea, I just assumed that I would be seeing a lot of bison everywhere. I figured they would be casually walking down the street, scurrying up trees, across hydro poles and pillaging birdfeeders, but I have yet to see even […]

New Places and Different Faces

June 2, 2008

Since I last posted anything I’ve moved into a new apartment and have started to adjust to life in a different City/Province. I now live in Winnipeg, Manitoba home of the Guess Who, the Weakerthans, and my favorite band Propagandhi, as well as such sports teams as the Blue Bombers, and the Jets (in spirit, […]

I’m Changing My Name to Gary and Buying a Whole New Denim Wardrobe.

May 25, 2008

Tomorrow morning my father and I are driving from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg in an attempt to find me an apartment. Not sure what my Internet situation will be like while I’m there so it might be a few days before I can post anything. Assuming Twitter is working (it hasn’t been too reliable this […]