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Why I Might Be Tempted To Watch Stargate Atlantis

Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo

Two words: Robert Picardo.

The Doctor was easily the best character on Star Trek Voyager, adding humor and real acting to a show which (although I love it with all my heart) lacked both those qualities. Now Robert Picardo is taking up a full time role on Stargate Atlantis as Richard Woolsey. I can’t say much about his character on Atlantis because frankly I have never liked the Stargate shows too much.
I’ve always found the acting on Stargate to be atrocious, and for the most part it just looks cheap and hocky, but with Robert Picardo on board it might have something new going for it.


One Response to “Why I Might Be Tempted To Watch Stargate Atlantis”

  1. I enjoyed watching Stargate Atlantis much more than I did Star Trek Voyager. However, you bring up a valid point. The scripts the Stargate actors are given are very casual, which often breeds casual acting. Star Trek writers throw in so much technobable that everyone appears to be a genius! :-) Different strokes, different floats.

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