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Battlestar Galactica Theories Abound

[SPOILER ALERT] Please DO NOT read this post unless you are up to speed and caught up to the latest episode of BSG, otherwise you’ll just be mad, and possibly frightened.

The last post about Battlestar Galactica seemed to get a fair bit of feedback, I’ve also had several lengthy conversations regarding what may be happening in BSG which have prompted me to write this post regarding some theories that either I have come up with or agree with.

Gaius BaltarFirst off I think it’s becoming incredibly clear that they are setting Gaius Baltar up to be the Christ figure. This isn’t really anything new, if you look at some of the episodes from season 3 when he first started growing his beard and lounging around the Cylon baseship you can tell that the writers are trying to draw some parallels between the former President, Scientist, and betrayer (if you choose to look at him that way). However now it’s getting more direct, with Gaius performing “miracles”, curing a kid of a virus (although this isn’t the first time he’s cured a disease). I’m not sure how things will play out, but Gaius is going to be instrumental in the final stages of the series. I believe that he will eventually either lead them to Earth, or be a major part of the colonization.

Laura RoslinLaura Roslin, is a complex character (they all are actually) who is hard to analyze. She seems to care deeply for humanity, and has a strong sense of what she believes is right. She is deeply spiritual and seems to rely on what has been written for guidance. However she is also a heartless bitch that doesn’t think twice about throwing someone out the airlock or even using biological weapons to commit genocide on an entire race (even if they are toasters). In the most recent episode we learn of her plans to gain more power by setting up personally appointed judges and courts to create what she calls a legitimate legal system. I believe that Roslin is becoming power hungry and self righteous, her quest for power will eventually betray the people of the colonial fleet. Whether she will turn out to be a cylon or not, I’m not sure.

ApolloLee Adama’s recent switch to politics is very intriguing, as is the growing conflict between him and President Roslin. Lee has a strong sense of what is just, and can see through Roslin’s bullshit. I don’t know when it will go down, but Lee will eventually become President. This may happen after Roslin dies of cancer, or possibly sooner than that if he manages to breed enough discontent.

Who the hell knows what’s going on with Starbuck, I don’t have a clue, she’s just crazy.

And finally as Annalee Newitz from io9 said “By the way? I am so glad Cally is dead. She was a whiny bitch who never did anything but cry.”


One Response to “Battlestar Galactica Theories Abound”

  1. You were right about Lee becoming president. Congratulations.

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