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Hardcore Energize Will Make Your Heart Explode

August 26, 2008

Today after work I had several errands to run but my energy levels were dwindling and the soupy Winnipeg humidity was making me thirsty. I wandered over to 7/11 and purchased a couple softdrinks and a Hardcore Energize energy drink. I only purchased the energy drink because it looked weird and I sometimes have an […]

Weekly Idea

August 16, 2008

Kevin Rose recently posted a video on his blog about his product idea for “iPower”, an electronic device/iPhone app that would allow you to control devices, turn them off/on remotely or automatically via GPS. He also encourages other to post their own weekly ideas for applications or products that you would like to see, so […]

My Own Flavour of Hell

August 5, 2008

Inspired by both Geek Monthly’s column about their own version of Hell, and my dear friend Emily’s version of Hell I have decided to compile a description of my own personal Hell. First thing’s first: It is Very Hot (I know this sounds stereotypical, but they don’t call it burning in Hell for fun, it’s […]

Stuff White People Like

July 27, 2008

I was perusing the selection of books in the humor section at work the other day (NOTE: To pay the bills I work at a very large bookstore) and Christian Lander’s book Stuff White People Like caught my eye. I had previously heard about Lander’s book and website from the Revision 3 show Internet Superstar. […]

Things I’ve Learned From Public Transportation

July 14, 2008

– People are awkward. Seriously, have you ever been riding the bus to work and noticed all the awkward people? There are a lot of them. It starts with the process of actually waiting for the bus, everyone stands there shifting their weight from foot to foot, looking from side to side, glancing down the […]