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Bathroom Update.

March 10, 2008

I was the first to have a shower in the newly renovated bathroom this morning and boy was it sweet. Advertisements

It’s Finally Done!

March 10, 2008

Here it is, the bathroom is finally finished (well almost the toilet still isn’t hooked up). I can’t wait to try out the new shower.

The Bathroom Renovation Continues.

March 8, 2008

The finishing touches are being made on the bathroom today. Jeremy and Lindsay did an excellent job of priming the walls, and as I type the molding is being installed.

The Countdown to Cleanliness Continues

March 6, 2008

Here are the most recent photos of the bathroom. As you can see the shower has been completely installed and the walls are almost finished. I’m hoping that in the next day or two I can actually use the new shower… that’s going to be sweet. Bryan approves (although he hates blogs and got mad […]

Countdown to Cleanliness

March 3, 2008

The bathtub is installed, Woot!