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Who Needs Friends When You Can Have a Robot for Only $49,999.95 ?

June 13, 2008

That’s right folks for the low price of just $49,999.95 you to can own an official life size Robbie the Robot replica! The Genuine 7-Foot Robby The Robot. [UPDATE] There is supposed to be a picture of the Robbie the Robot replica here but WordPress is being a turd right now and refuses to attach […]

Weekly Robot

May 20, 2008

Rustic Robot

May 17, 2008

Daily Robot #3

Daily Robot #2

May 16, 2008

I have to admit this is a robot I designed over a year ago, I got distracted today and didn’t finish the daily robot I had planned.

Sunday Night Robot Round-Up

April 14, 2008

While surfing through Digg tonight I noticed an overwhelming abundance of robot related stories, and as anyone who regularly reads this blog, or knows me in person knows I LOVE ROBOTS! So I have compiled a list of the best robot stories from around the web (in the past week). MIT’s NEXI robot has more […]