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WordPress 1.2 For iPhone Will Have Me Blogging On The Go More Often (I Hope)

November 11, 2008

Check out this video previewing the update to the WordPress app for iPhone/iPod Touch. I’m a big fan of the original application, but to be honest haven’t used it too often (mostly because you couldn’t type in landscape mode, and it’s hard to share links). This update looks quite promising though. It would be even […]

Enigmo is hands down the best iPhone game

November 2, 2008

Enigmo is a puzzle game reminicent of Lemmings, but something all together different. The object of the game is to guide the water from a dripping pot to the other by using the pieces you are provided (which vary from level to level). There are plenty of levels, and the difficulty greatly increases as you […]

Keep moving, nothing to see here.

October 27, 2008

I had something interesting and topical to say, but then I forgot, and then I ate a veggie burger and drank a beer, and now I really forget what I was going to talk about. So this experience hasn’t been a complete waste of time for both you and I, I suggest you check out […]

To Jailbreak or Not To Jailbreak

October 21, 2008

Even though Steve Jobs so generously allowed iPhone users the ability to install and run 3rd party apps with the upgrade to iPhone firmware 2.0 some still crave things that Steve is unwilling to offer (customaziable icons/wallpaper/themes, podcatching apps, background processes, better camera functionality, etc). For these things one must turn to the jailbroken apps […]

My Ultimate iPhone Review

August 24, 2008

Up until now my coverage of the iPhone has actually been focused on the applications and the architecture of the iPod Touch. Although they are very similar devices, they have significant differences that set them apart. I finally upgraded my old Nokia 0001 this past week to a brand spankin’ new black 16GB iPhone 3G. […]