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Geek Gift Guide

A few years ago I was working for a small Southern Ontario newspaper and was asked to write an article about what highschool kids wanted for Xmas. Needless to say this didn’t excite me at all, and instead I convinced the editor a better idea would be to write about the increased security at my former highschool and the ethics of security cameras.
Now, no longer binded by the constraints of an editor I’m actually willfully writing a holiday gift guide of my own. Whodathunkit!?!
I’ve also noticed a lot of the gift guides online are ridiculous in that they list stuff well beyond most peoples budget, I’m going to pick things that are affordable (no Macbook Pros or Canon EOS 5D Mark II on this list).

For the tea lover in your circle of friends/family a Starter Set from is perfect. This set comes with the IngenuiTEA pot (which I’ve praised before), a guide to tea, and a sample pack of four teas (either black, green, flavor, or herbal). Adagio sells only the highest quality teas and tissanes which any tea lover will appreciate.

For the booklover on the go a gift certificate to is an excellent present which allows them to choose from any of the thousands of audio books available from Audible. You can get gift certificates ranging from $10 to $250 depending on how much you are willing to spend/love.

For the iPhone user the Incase Slider for iPhone 3G is a cool case for protecting your beloved Jesus phone. Personally I haven’t been using a case for my iPhone (most of them are ugly as sin, or big and clunky) but the Incase Slider actually looks good, and is thin enough that it doesn’t add too much weight, or width to you phone. it’s available for $34.99 from

For music and movie lovers I recommend iTunes gift certificates. Nothing is worse than getting a CD or DVD of something you just aren’t into, and seriously who buys physical media anymore? Let them choose what they want to listen by getting a gift certificate to the iTunes store. They come in $15, $25, and $50 donominations (and can be ordered online with free shipping or you can pick them up at most drug stores ie: Shoppers Drugmart).

Do you know someone who looks comical T-shirts or webcomics? Is their apartment lacking wall ornaments? I suggest picking something up from the Hijinks Ensue Store, where there are a variety of shirts and comic prints available for resonable prices (plus artist Joel Watson is awesome and you should support him).


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