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Trey Parker Talks About the Internet and New Media

RandyIn a recent Los Angeles Times article South Park co-creator Trey Parker, talked about how the Internet is changing the way we watch television and how it affects storytelling.

The conversation started because of recent South Park episodes such as “Over Logging” and “Canada On Strike”  which both have story lines that are centered around the Internet.  In the episode “Canada On Strike” Trey Parker and Matt Stone make various commentaries on viral video and sites like YouTube, as well as the recent writers strike.

In LA Times article Trey Parker is quoted as saying “The Internet and YouTube changes the way you think about your characters interacting with the world.”

Parker and Stone are a significant voice in the media these days. South Park is proof that they are on the forefront of technology and media. Because of the quick productions schedules and fast turnover South Park is able to have some of the sharpest and most topical commentary of any other show on broadcast television. Unlike other animated shows such as Family Guy and the Simpsons, South Park is able to make direct criticism of recent events either shortly after they happened or while they are still going on, where as other shows must make broader less direct statements because by the time they are broadcasts things have already happened and time has passed.

Check out the whole article here.


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