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Who Is The Observer?

October 16, 2008

If you have been following J.J. Abrams’ new sci-fi/drama Fringe you might be spending an inordinate amount of time wondering who the Observe really is. Since he was first introduced in last week’s episode, as the strange man with a taste for spicy food, a black suit & fedora, and coincidentally seems to be showing […]

Damned If You Have Any Money Left For Gas

July 14, 2008

Here’s a video I think everyone who opted not to get a new iPhone because of the price and lack of dispensible income might enjoy.

iPhone Apps: Remote Review

July 12, 2008

Spore Creature Creator

June 22, 2008

A lot of people have been praising the new Spore Creature Creator by Maxis / Electronic Arts. finally I decided to download the free trial of the Creature Creator and after fooling around with it for a half hour or so I have to say it’s pretty fun. The interface is very intuitive, there are […]

Junkworks Productions’ E.T.A. is a 3D Visual Orgasm

June 16, 2008

Earlier today my friend and former classmate George brought this amazing 3D animation to my attention. He didn’t explain what it was, who it was by, or reveal any details, but I won’t do the same to all of you. It is a short animation done directed by Henrik B. Clausen, and produced by […]