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Indiana Jones Still Kicks Ass and so does the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Two thumbs up.

I went to see Indiana Jones twice tonight, it was intentional but I enjoyed the movie both times just as much. Indiana Jones as a franchise has more meaning to me than Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or any comic book movie. After seeing all the Indiana Jones movies as a kid, I aspired to be him. I wanted to be an archeologist, because I thought that they did the things that he did. But then I realize it was quite different and rarely involved fight nazis or communists. So Instead I decided I wanted to make movies, because at least you could pretend to live out adventures like Indiana Jones

So as far as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull goes, in my opinion it lived up to every bit of hype it got. This film is so ridiculously action packed. It almost seems like a video game, because after every obstacle there is always something else. Spieldberg still knows how to make a entertaining film.


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