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Ten Reasons Why Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Kicks Ass.

Indiana Jones

There are several negative reviews of the new Indiana Jones flick online, so as someone who saw the film twice already and loved every second of it, I feel the need to defend it.


Here are 10 reasons why Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull kicked major ass.

  1. Non-stop action. From start to finish this movie is full of action. I never once felt bored even for a second while watching (not even the second time).
  2. Amazing one liners, ie. Indiana Jones – “Kid looks like you just brought a knife… to a gun fight”, Mac: “This ain’t gonna be easy”. Indiana Jones: “Not as easy as it used to be”.
  3. The punch sound. Notice the amazing sound of Indiana Jones fist making contact with the flesh of his opponent, best punch sound ever! Also he hardly ever uses a gun when he could do the same with his fists. There are more fist fights in Indiana Jones movies than all the comic book movies combined (not sure if that statement is factually accurate, but there are lots of them)
  4. Shia Labeouf didn’t suck. I didn’t once here “No No No No Noooo!!!” which is a huge step up in the acting department for the Beef.
  5. Because aliens are cool. Especially when they have crystal skeletons and live in Mayan ruins. What you weren’t expecting to be watching a science fiction film? Raiders of the Lost Ark was about the ark of the covenant and the Last Crusade was about the chalice from the last supper, both biblical legends, and if I choose to believe some far fetched story about Jesus than why not a far fetched story about aliens?
  6. It’s the closest thing to a videogame.
  7. Explosions!
  8. Because Commies are almost as good of bad guys as Nazis.
  9. Harrison Ford can still keep up with all the action. The scene on the motorcycle where Indiana gets pulled into the car, beats the crap out of the guys inside and then jumps back on to the motorcycle is amazing.
  10. Because it was fun. Even though there have been plenty of really good movies this year, none of them were as fun as Indiana Jones. Sure Iron Man was amazing, but Indiana Jones is a timeless classic. It’s pure pulp adventure, and don’t we all need a little bit more adventure in our lives? So what if it’s silly? I know that the stunts are completely ridiculous. But that’s exactly what I was looking for in this movie

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