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Iron Man

I just got home from seeing Iron Man, and overall I was quite impressed, for the most part it lived up to all the hype it was getting. I’m not going to really bother doing a full review because we’ve all seen the trailers and it’s pretty much just as awesome. What I do want to say is don’t make the same mistake I did STAY UNTIL THE END OF THE CREDITS!!! Something awesome happens.

Here is a very shitty YouTube clip of the ending [SPOILER ALERT]

I am going again on Saturday so that I can see this on the big screen.

[UPDATE] Looks like it didn’t take Paramount that long to get the footage off YouTube. If you are still curious, Tony Stark comes home to find Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) sitting in his house waiting for him. He mocks him for his statement “I am Iron Man” and tells him he isn’t the only superhero and that he would like to tell him about the Avengers Initiative.

Here’s a screen cap of the YouTube clip I took prior to it being pulled.

Nick Fury


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