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Hindsight posterOver the past couple of days I helped my dear friend Jeremy with a project that he and fellow former film student Kyle have had in the works for quite some time. The project is a short sci-fi film called Hindsight, which they both co-wrote and produced with a miniscule budget, but lots of love.

I volunteered my time to work as gaffer (co-gaffer, Lindsay Doran probably did far more work than I actually did) because I believed in the project and my friends.

The following is a photo documentation of some of the production. I apologize for the photo quality (or lack there of) my real camera decided it doesn’t like to function when I need it, so I had to resort to my craptacular cellphone camera.

Time Machine

It’s no Delorian but it’s still pretty cool.

Time Machine Control Center

Time machines require a ridiculous number of LCD screens, it probably takes 1.21 Jigawatts just to power those suckers.

Time Machine Controls Again


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