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Stuff I Use

Any google search for OS X apps (or Windows I suppose) will turn up hundreds of pages of the best software for OS X (or Windows, or Linux), so I thought I would compose a list of my own for both OS X as well as the iPhone/iPod Touch.

OS X Killer Apps.

Camino is my favourite web browser. It’s a lot like Firefox (which I would also recommend), it’s built on the Gecko framework but has the familiar style of a native Mac application. It’s fast and has really great tab and bookmark systems.

Thunderbird is one of my most used apps. It’s an excellent email client by Mozilla (like Firefox and Camino). It allows you to organize your inbox with filters, folders, colour coordination, and has various add-ons and themes available. Word from Mozilla is that they are putting a lot of work into the next version of Thunderbird which should make it even better than it already is.

Adium is by far the best IM application I have encountered. It supports tons of services such as googletalk, MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, Bonjour and tons of others I haven’t even heard of. There are literally hundreds of themes and customizations you can do to make it look as pretty or as badass as you want. The best part is that it doesn’t suck like Messenger for Mac does, and supports tabbed conversations.

Quicksilver is a quick launch application/utility that allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to due way more that I have even bothered to attempt to do. If you are on a laptop or are just a big fan of using your keyboard instead of a mouse it’s great for productivity and doing things quickly. Check out the wiki page for a much better and more detailed description of what it can do here.

Twhirl is the best Twitter client application I have used. It’s great for keeping up with tweets and being more efficient about your own. It runs in Adobe Air, which I have grown quite fond of.


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