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Ender in Exile

oscenderinexileToday Orson Scott Card’s newest addition to the slew of Ender Wiggins books entitled, Ender in Exile, was released. I have very mixed feelings about this book for a couple of different reasons.  Firstly, it is being called the first true sequel to the classic novel Ender’s Game, which is a book I’ve read (and listened to) several times, it’s an excellent science fiction story that I USED to cherrish. Ender is Exil is supposed to take place in the time after Ender’s Game, when Ender realizes that he cannot return to Earth. Prior to this release Speaker for the Dead, was the only sequel, which actually takes place 3,000 years after then events of the original novel (so it wasn’t much of a direct sequel).

Now all this is not what troubles me, what troubles me is Orson Scott Card himself. Between the time that I read a great deal of his work (including Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow, Shaddow of the Hegemon, and Speaker for the Dead) he has revealed himself to be a very biggoted individual. In recent years he has revealed his very strong opinions on gay marriage, and has attempted to justify his homophobia. Check out one of his rants here.

This is particularly disturbing to me because in my opinion science fiction has always been a genre that has embrassed diversity, and for the most part fans of science fiction have always been open minded and accepting of others.  Star Trek for example was ahead of it’s time by embrassing multiculturalism, and encouraging open mindedness.

I’m entregued by Card’s newest novel, but will most likely neglect to read it (I’m certainly not going to purchase it) because I do not wish to support someone with such ignorant, and discriminating values.

Check out Topless Robot’s take on Ender in Exile.


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