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Keep moving, nothing to see here.

I had something interesting and topical to say, but then I forgot, and then I ate a veggie burger and drank a beer, and now I really forget what I was going to talk about.

So this experience hasn’t been a complete waste of time for both you and I, I suggest you check out these links written by people who are either smarter or wittier (or both smarter and wittier) than myself.

Fact: Last month I made almost as much from my blog as I spent on burritos.

Hell House 3: The Housening

Oh yeah, and go download Google Earth for iPhone, because it’s the cheese.


One Response to “Keep moving, nothing to see here.”

  1. I tried to download google earth for my iphone but it wouldn’t recognize my fingers and my dismembered hobo fingers have started to rot.

    Very sad.

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