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What Makes Me A GEEK

Although it doesn’t seem strange to me, apparently many of my habits, hobbies and interests are not what most people consider normal (most people being the people I interact with in real life, strangers, and my family). It seems like most people’s daily conversations mainly center around the topics of: Money; Sex; Work; Sports; and Celebrities, and although I too think about these things (less so about celebrities) I am concerned more with other topics that people tell me are really nerdy/geeky/dorky/dweeby (no one actually uses dweeby anymore, but maybe they should).

So I give you the following, a list of (some) things that make me a GEEK (a term which I fully embrace).

  • While my coworkers are reading trashy gossip mags on their breaks, I read Macworld, Wired, and Empire.
  • For as long as I can remember I’ve been more interested in science and computers than sports and physical activity.
  • I have a green screen in my living room.
  • I’m the only one of my friends (who uses a mac) that has ever opened/used Terminal.
  • In college my text book had Golem on the cover (I went to film school).
  • I’m an early adopter of new technology, be it a cool new online service, webapp or social network, or new devices such as the iPod Touch, iPhone, or Asus Eee PC.
  • I get visibly excited when conversations turn to the topics of: Star Trek or any science fiction series (but especially Star Trek, or BSG); Technology, especially Apple products or new apps for OS X; Books by Douglas Coupland, Chuck Klosterman, or Hunter S. Thompson; Old videogames that I barely remember, such as: Chips Challenge, Gorrila, Scorched Earth, Echo Island, Kids Pix, and any of the old games for those ancient computers with giant scroll balls built into the keyboard instead of having a mouse.
  • My apartment is a shrine of technology and pop culture (see photos).
  • I am actually frustrated that devices such as: Protein Resequencers; Transporters; Hyposprays; Hovercars; and Finglongers, don’t actually exist.
  • I make Force push gestures as I walk through automatic doors.
  • I blog about all of these things.

I’m sure I will find more things to add to this list in the future. If you have your own list of what makes you a geek I would love to read them.


5 Responses to “What Makes Me A GEEK”

  1. I am looking for a roommate :).

  2. They call them fingers, but I’ve never seen them “fing.” Oh, there they go.

  3. Geeky AND cute. What’s your name? =P

  4. My dad called me a “dweeb” on the phone the other day, and I thought to myself later “God, why isn’t that word used any more?”

    Much better than “dork”, I think.

  5. Speaking of force push gestures, I have my 4 and 6 year old boys asking me to use the force on the shopping cart as I push it and remove my hands from it..keeping it’s forward momentum ONLY by the power of the force.

    Seriously, my kids think I’m a Jedi, and that’s OK by me. :)

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