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My New Favourite Piece of Tech

I was recently given a gift certificate to the premium tea site which specializes in loose leaf tea and tea accessories, so I decided to pick up a few things, including the ingenuiTEA pot.

In my relationship with tea I have used many different methods for brewing it: using low quality tea bags, colander like strainers, teaballs, and various teapots, but none have been as simple and as affective as the ingenuiTEA.

The ingenuiTEA makes one cup of tea at a time by adding the loose tea leaves to the main chamber and then adding the appropriately heated water (212° for black; dark oolong; and many herbal tissanes, 180° for green; light oolong; and white teas) and allow to brew (once again times vary depending on the type of tea or tissane you are using). When the tea is done brewing simply set the ingenuiTEA pot over a mug, the teapot has a valve which filters the tea and drips it through into the mug below. To clean it just dump out the remaining tea leaves and rinse (it is also dishwasher safe).

The ingenuiTEA is so simple to use and easy to clean that it has me drinking more tea than I used to (it probably also helps that I picked up a selection of gourmet teas from Adagio as well, I recommend the Citron Green, and Gunpowder). I like this little device so much that I’m thinking about picking up a second one to leave at work, so I can enjoy great tea all the time.

The ingenuiTEA is available from as well as

If you are new to loose leave tea I recommend picking up the starter pack for the best value and a bit of education.


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  1. […] of friends/family a Starter Set from is perfect. This set comes with the IngenuiTEA pot (which I’ve praised before), a guide to tea, and a sample pack of four teas (either black, green, flavor, or herbal). Adagio […]

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