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Discovering Quicksilver

Quicksilver Tutorial Mac OS X

If you run Mac OS X, and you aren’t already using Quicksilver, you should be.

I’ve been using this little app since shortly after I got my first iMac thanks to a friend who uses it religiously on her Macbook. At first I thought it was cool, good for getting around without being forced to use the Macbook’s trackpad too often. But I started using it on my iMac and quickly discovered that it was not just useful for laptops. I use it predominately for launching applications and doing quick navigation through files and folders, and have gotten so used to it that now when I use someone elses computer I am constantly trying to open it, only to be disappointed that they don’t use Quicksilver.

Even though I have grown to love Quicksilver, I often feel that I am not using it to its true potential, which is why I did a quick search on google for some Quicksilver tutorials. Now I’m finding Quicksilver is also excellent for sending off quick one line emails, or attachments, as well as being an alternative to Finder for moving files around.

Download Quicksilver for free from Blacktree.


2 Responses to “Discovering Quicksilver”

  1. I..goddamned…told you so

  2. I gave you credit. I’m willing to bet that you aren’t using Quicksilver to it’s full potential either, or even half potential.

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