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The Only Decent Competitor To iPhone (In My Humble Opinion)

T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Hands-On

It’s too bad we won’t be seeing any of these in Canada (unless they get unlocked and sold on the net, which we all know WILL happen) because this thing looks pretty slick.

I’ve had the opportunity to play around with various smartphones, including those running Windows Mobile, and RIM’s Blackberry, but none of them have ever appealed to me. Most mobile operating systems seem too menu heavy, slow and visually unappealing. In Windows Mobile’s case it tries too hard to be a desktop operating system (a menu bar with a start button, seriously?!?), and in Blackberry’s case it is just ugly, and too groomed for business usage.

But HTC’s T-Mobile Android G1 looks pretty. Like the iPhone it has a responsive touch screen, a large high resolution screen, and great internet browsing, and for the people who complain about the iPhone’s virtual keyboard, the G1 has a full QWERTY keyboard (not unlike that of the Sidekick).

Android of course is completely open source and produced by Google, so you know it will be quality, and have excellent Internet integration. Expect a lot of cool apps to come out after the G1 is released, and once again unlike the iPhone the applications won’t have to abide to strict rules like those Apple applies to it’s App Store.

So although the G1 won’t be available in Canada, I’m pretty satisfied with my iPhone (but would SO LOVE to play around with Android just for the fun of it).


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