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Google Puts Its Foot Into the Ring of the Ongoing Browser War

Last night Google released it’s newest endeavor Chrome, a web browser which hopes to change the way web browsers operate. Chrome is based on WebKit, the open source version of Safari, and features many changes to the way standard browsers deal with tabs and processes. It claims to be more stable because it loads different pieces such as JavaScript as separate processes. Google claims that Chrome will be more stable in the long run, as opposed to running Firefox all day long with dozens of tabs open, which over the course of the day begin hogging and fragmenting memory.

Right now Chrome is only available to download for Windows, however the Mac and Linux versions are soon to come.

Microsoft, who are set to release Internet Explorer 8 are on the defensive. Dean Hachamovitch, IE manager at Microsoft said

“The browser landscape is highly competitive, but people will choose Internet Explorer 8 for the way it puts the services they want right at their fingertips . . . and, more than any other browsing technology, puts them in control of their personal data online.”

Hachamovitch clearly assumes that the majority of IE users “choose” to use IE, when it’s most likely the case that the majority of users fail to realize their is much of an alternative. IE has always had the upper hand because it is the default Windows browsers, non-technically inclined users will simply use what they have at their disposal and that is IE.

I don’t believe that Chrome will shape up to be much of a competitor to IE, unless Google REALLY gets the word out. It’s more likely that Chrome will bite into Firefox 3 and Safari’s market share, as users who really value their web browsers are in a constant search for “the right one” that will offer them the features they require at the speed and flexibility they desire.

Download Chrome


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3 Responses to “Google Puts Its Foot Into the Ring of the Ongoing Browser War”

  1. The scary thing is when you ask a non-technical user what browser they’re using, and they say “huh?” They know where to click when they want to go to Amazon or Priceline, but they don’t know they’re using a program called a browser.

  2. If Chrome is somehow able to run Firefox extensions, Firefox is dead.

    According to get clicky (whatever that is), Chrome has 2.7% global market share.
    I admin an absolutely non-tech related site that gets around 90k unique on weekdays. I’ll see if there’s any noticeable Chrome usage when google crunches today’s analytics.

  3. I’m pretty content with Firefox 3 the way I have it configured right now. I’m currently using the following extensions: Delicious Bookmarks, Digg Toolbar, Ubiquity, Web Dev, ColorZilla, PicLens, and ColorfulTabs.

    I could live without some of these, but Delicious is a big MUST. I find myself using Delicious more and more everyday to keep track of everything, especially since I can use it to look something up on my iPhone if I’m not at home.

    If Chrome can have the same Delicious integration that FF does than I’d be content.

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