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Hardcore Energize Will Make Your Heart Explode

Today after work I had several errands to run but my energy levels were dwindling and the soupy Winnipeg humidity was making me thirsty. I wandered over to 7/11 and purchased a couple softdrinks and a Hardcore Energize energy drink.

I only purchased the energy drink because it looked weird and I sometimes have an interest in trying bizarre junk food products. But when I approached the checkout, the cashier asked to see my I.D. What? Why I asked, I wasn’t buying cigarettes and you can’t purchase alcohol in corner stores in Canada. He said that I needed to be 21 in order to puchase said energy drink. A couple of the other customers in line were equally as confused as I was, but I handed over my I.D. and was on my way out the store with my heart attack in a vial.

I didn’t end up drinking it (because to be honest I am kind of intimidated by it now), but I will and I will record the experience and be sure to relate it here.

I’m thinking of making a regular column about consuming weird food products, if you have any suggestions or want me to try something (must not contain animal products) drop me a line.

[UPDATE] I had a couple of sips today because I was feeling nappy and needed a little energy boost (but I was also afraid to drink much of it for fear of death by caffeine). It tastes exactly like Flintstones vitamins, with a really strong lingering after taste. The consistency is thick and syropy, but also chalky an extremely sweet. It’s not like most energy drinks such as Rockstar, or Redbull in that it doesn’t taste overly acidic, but like most energy drinks it still doesn’t taste pleasant.


4 Responses to “Hardcore Energize Will Make Your Heart Explode”

  1. Maybe 7-11 is self-regulating as a defensive measure against possible energy drink backlash. Every school year, parents, administrators, health officials and CBC callers seem to be getting more and more “concerned” about young children and teens consuming energy drinks.

    21 is just an odd age, since the age of majority in Canada is no higher than 19. Maybe it’s the US manufacturer’s recommendation?

    ps. you can buy alcohol at corner stores in Quebec.

  2. But did it work?!

  3. I does indeed work. Even though I only took a couple sips at a time, there was a noticeable effect, I was more alert, and felt more awake.

  4. If you can find Relentless, try it – it’s evil I tell you! It’s like juice so you don’t quite realise how much you’re drinking, three of us were bouncing off walls at 3am.

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