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My Ultimate iPhone Review

Up until now my coverage of the iPhone has actually been focused on the applications and the architecture of the iPod Touch. Although they are very similar devices, they have significant differences that set them apart.

I finally upgraded my old Nokia 0001 this past week to a brand spankin’ new black 16GB iPhone 3G.

My first impression of the iPhone 3G is that it feels quite different than an iPod Touch. When I first picked it up it felt as though it was actually lighter than the iTouch despite being considerably thicker.
The black curved rear end of the phone is nicer than the flush metal back or the iTouch, and seems to be less prone to scratches. The power button and headphone jack are by far the two things that have thrown me off the most. On the iTouch the power button is on the top left corner, and the headphone jack is in the lower right corner, whereas the iPhone’s power button is on the top right and the headphone jack is on the top left, very weird for someone who got very comfortable with the feel of the iPod Touch, but this issues is extremely minor and after a week of use I’ve already got used to it.

Now I realize that there is A LOT of negativity surrounding the iPhone 3G lately, but I’m going to try to shy away from that. I will be honest and say that yes Apple does have some work to do with the app store and other minor issues (yes I think the other issues are minor) in order to make this device truly amazing. Despite being extremely comfortable with the iPhone OS, as someone who is new to smartphones, I’ve still been blown away and delighted by all the little things this device does very well.

The stand out features that really impressed me with the iPhone 3G include the SMS app, which has an iChat like look it, and allows you to scroll through previous messages and sorts messages into separate groups based on your contacts.

I love using SMS on the iPhone because I love typing on the iPhone. I was able to get used to the virtual keyboard by using an iPod Touch for a little over a year.

My Nokia 0001 didn’t have call display, caller ID or voicemail, so just having these features is AMAZING. I love being able to see who is calling me, and whose calls I missed.

I like the camera, even though it’s only 2 mega pixels it takes nice photos unlike so many camera phones I’ve seen.

I won’t really talk much about the specific apps because I have already done that in greater detail, but I will say that my previous impressions of Evernote has changed now that I have the ability to take picture notes and voice notes, these are both really cool features that I can see myself using a lot more often in the future.

But it is the little features that were completely unexpected that impress me more than anything. The first is that if you receive an SMS with an email or phone number in the body of the text the iPhone will recognize this and allow you to copy them, or attach them to a contact in your address book. Similarly locations in the maps app can be attached to contacts so you can have a listing of all your friends addresses.

Battery life is ok, making sure that it isn’t searching for wifi when it doesn’t need to be, or checking your email every 5 minutes helps to conserve battery power.

Call quality is good. Once again though I upgraded from a really really shitty bare bones phone, so any actually sound quality is an improvement.

So to conclude, I really love using the iPhone, it’s by far the most pleasant cellphone experience I’ve ever had and I look forward to what Apple and 3rd party developers will do with this unique device.


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  1. I am so jealous of you, Gregory. Glad you’re enjoying it!

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