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Link Love

I’ve been busy with work and helping friends move, as well as testing out my new iPhone, so I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit. I will have a couple articles soon about my thoughts about my thoughts on using the iPhone in Canada, and my experience with Rogers wireless, as well as some more science fiction news and a new weekly guest column.

For now here are some cool links I’ve run into online.

Kevin Rose iPod Rumors [via Gizmodo and]

Vimeo Tribute: Jurassic Park “Clever Girl” [via Vimeo]

Terminal tip: Remind yourself about appointments – The Unofficial Apple Weblog [via TUAW]

And if you haven’t already I recommend reading Wil Wheaton’s blog WWdN: In Exile. Wheaton keeps surprising me with his wonderful, honest and revealing blog about being a geek, a celebrity, a father, and a writer. I recommend reading one of his more recent articles Evil and Awesome (but Mostly Awesome).


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