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The Most Addictive iPhone Game

I never really thought of the iPhone as a gaming platform, even though games like Monkey Ball were being promoted at WWDC. But lately I have found myself playing a couple iPhones games quite frequently whenever I have a little time to kill.

The game I am currently addicted to is Cannon Game (They really should have put more thought into the title, seriously Cannon Game? The same marketing experts that thought up this name probably would have just called the iPod “Music Player”).  But despite it’s horribly unimaginative title this game is FUN.

QBasic Gorilla2

Scorched Earth

For anyone who remembers such classics as QBasic’s Gorilla and Gorilla2, or the Dos game Scorched Earth, Cannon Game is basically the same deal, except it doesn’t support multiplayer, and you are firing on fixed targets that don’t respond. Oh yeah and the graphics are WAY better than what your old CRT hooked up to an IBM Aptiva used to display.

Cannon Game

The game consists of two basic controls: Altitude and Velocity, which are controlled by sliding your left and right thumbs across the sides of the screen vertically (the game is played in landscape mode). When you are ready hit “Fire” and your tank launches it’s assault. If you miss make some minor adjustments to you Velocity and/or Altitude and fire again. Simple, yet extremely addictive.

Cannon Game is a free download from the App Store.


4 Responses to “The Most Addictive iPhone Game”

  1. Greg, that’s not a list of addictive iPod Games, that’s a post about an addictive iPod Game! With no “s”. I’d like to hear what other ones you play, because I too have been downloading games. The ones I play the most are:

    Sudoku Unlimited ($2.99) – A nice clean and intuitive sudoku game. It has difficulty setting, hints, optional auto-fill, a resume option when you leave the game/turn off your iPod, a pause option and three different skins.

    SuperPong ($2.99) – It’s basically like Breakout or Akrnaoid in that you are using a paddle to bounce a ball against bricks, which then break. It started with just 15 levels, but has had several updates that add more levels each time. Now there are over 30 ( I haven’t gotten further yet), and all have different brick layouts. It also has bonuses on certain bricks, so when you hit them you get things like 2x score, unstoppable ball (plows through every brick or barrier), time warp (causes the ball to speed up and slow down) and wide paddle. You contrl the paddle by sliding your finger back and forth on the screen, but don’t worry: it pauses the game automatically when your finger loses contact with the iPod screen. It also saves your progress when you leave the game or turn off the iPod so you can pick up where you left off. On top of all that, it looks great.

    WordSearch ($1.99) – It’s a word search game, but it ranks you as you do more puzzles, saves your progress and has 12 beautiful and unique layouts that it shuffles through for each puzzle. There are only 6 words per puzzle so it’s great to pick up to waste a few minutes, or you can play puzzle after puzzle for much longer.

    Aurora Feint: The Beginning (Free) – I know you’ve played this one, but I love it, too! For anyone who hasn’t, it’s sort of like Bejeweled. You switch the position of two bricks at a time, but only if it will cause 3 or more of the same coloured bricks to align — if that’s the case they disappear. A new layer of bricks appear at the bottom and pushes all of the rest upwards, so if you are not quick they will reach the top and you will lose. You are trying to meet a certain quota in breaking bricks of certain colours. It also has a neat feature where you can turn the iPod on it’s side and the bricks will fall into place on the bottom of the screen, allowing for more matches. This becomes an essential part of the gameplay as you progress. There is also a bit of RPG elements, in that you gain points in order to level up and purchase powers at a store that will help you in your gameplay.

    Tris (Free) – A clean and simple Tetris game. It’s colourful, it’s easy to control and, well, it’s Tetris!

    So those are some of my favourite games. It sucks that I couldn’t add pictures, but I don’t think you can in comments. I could have just made a whole entry about it, I suppose. Maybe later.

    Cheers, Greg!
    — Linds.

  2. Haha yeah, I was going to write about a bunch of games, but I ended up writing more than I expected to about Cannon Game and forgot to write about Tris, Aurora Feint, Sol Free, and Dizzy Bee Free. Look forward to those reviews soon (although you clearly don’t need them because it seems like you have played them more than I have).

  3. Linds. Please start up a videogames blog! Or just send videogames reviews to me so I can post them and credit you.

  4. I’m always looking for new coolio games to put on my iPod! Though. . . I only have an 8GB so I’m running out of room.

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