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Weekly Idea

Kevin Rose recently posted a video on his blog about his product idea for “iPower”, an electronic device/iPhone app that would allow you to control devices, turn them off/on remotely or automatically via GPS. He also encourages other to post their own weekly ideas for applications or products that you would like to see, so here is mine.

Anyone who uses Twitter knows that people love to tweet about what they are eating, much to the chagrin of other Twitter users who view themselves as better than this. So my idea: What’s On My Plate.

What's On My Plate

It’s basically Twitter (except it would actually work). It would be another social network app that allows users to post about what they are currently eating, post photos of their food, and review restaurants/their friends dinner parties based on a five star system.

Not only will this hopefully solve the problem of people annoying Twitter users with their useless tweets about food, but it might help solve some of Twitter’s scaling problems by removing 50% of tweets from the system… but we’ll also need another app called Hey Look I’m Pooping, then all Twitter’s problems will be solved.

[EDITOR’S NOTE] Apparently my sarcasm wasn’t strong enough and people have been taking this more seriously than I intended. I don’t really think this would solve any of Twitter’s problems, it was a joke.


One Response to “Weekly Idea”

  1. I don’t know if this would solve any of twitter’s problems.
    But I think it’s an interesting idea.

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