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Star Trek Online Gameplay Footage Reveal

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Earlier today in Las Vegas Leonard Nemoy and the people at Cryptic Studios announced their new MMO, Star Trek Online.

The game will treat all the previous television shows and movies as canon, and even some of the novels and graphic novels. However it takes place in the year 2409, slightly in the future (future-future). Cryptic will be revealing more information what has happened in the Star Trek universe between the end of Nemisis and 2409 when the game takes place.

Gameplay is a combination of tactical strategy while controlling your starship as a Captain, and fast action melee and ranged combat on alien planets. The Star Trek Online trailer shows in game footage of cryptic employees testing the game out, as opposed to rendered footage. It was a pretty short trailer starting off with the classic line “Space: the Final Frontier” while sweeping over vast starscapes and planetary systems.

Cryptic claims that like some of the most popular MMORPGs, such as World of Warcraft, they plan on allowing the game to run on a range of configurations, however neither Mac nor Linux systems will be able to run the game at first release.

They didn’t announce a definite release date but assured that it would be released within three years.

Check out for more info.

[UPDATE] The trailer is online now, watch it. [via GameTrailers]


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