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Making It In The World

Do you dream of quitting your nine to five to pursue a creative endeavor of you own? I know I do.  Unfortunately most of us are stuck working out daily jobs so that we can pay rent and afford to eat, and our creative ideas get pushed aside. But some people have actually taken the leap and chased after their dreams. Joel Watson is one of those people.

Hijinks Ensue Web Banner

If you aren’t already familiar with him, Joel is the creator of Hijinks Ensue: a geek webcomic, which features his friends Josh, Eli, and Denise. Three times a week the characters of HE grace the front page of and bring laughter to your day. Unlike many webcomics, HE doesn’t focus solely on videogames, it is constantly referencing movies, television shows, technology, news, and other things of interesting to the geekly inclined. If any of these things interest you I suggest checking out Joel’s site if you enjoy his work consider buying something, such as a T-shirt or a comic print from his store, because it’s important to support the things you enjoy, especially the artists and people who are trying to make a living doing what we all dream of.


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