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iPhone Backup Taking Too Long, Here’s The Fix.

Have you noticed your fancy new iPhone 3G is taking a ridiculously long time to backup every time it syncs to your computer? It seems like Apple added a function in 2.0 that makes you iPod/iPhone back itself up every time it connects, but why? Is it really necessary to do this many backups?

I don’t think so.

To stop iTunes from backing up your iPod/iPhone every time type

defaults write DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool true

in Terminal and hit ENTER.

I tried it myself and it works great.

Check out TUAW’s article about speeding up iPhone syncing for two other ways to fix this problem.


5 Responses to “iPhone Backup Taking Too Long, Here’s The Fix.”

  1. […] have already found them to end up being useless when I have had to restore my iPhone. You can use a Terminal hack to do this or this free (donations are accepted) app for Mac users called Backup Disabler. I have […]

  2. Haha, that has to be the simplest, most specific app ever.

  3. You can backup your iPhone much more quickly with this tool

  4. […] Lately I’d been having a lot of trouble with my iPhone 3G and it appears I’m not alone! […]

  5. Thanx Terminator! I just copied all my iPhone with CopyTrans!!! This app is FANTASTIC!!!

    You saved my life!!!! :)

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