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Are Kevin Rose and Captain American in Cahoots?

I was perusing the comics at the bookstore the other day, when I picked up a copy of Captain America I noticed a strangely familiar image wearing a Diggnation shirt no less. So I snapped a picture with my cellphone so I would remember, and have proof.

Is this actually Kevin Rose? Looks like him.

Turns out I was actually a little late catching this, as the issue of Captain America I’m referring was actually released in January. As it turns out Ron Richards of Revision 3 also noticed this cover and went in to further detail about it.

Here is the full image by Mitch Breitweiser.

Diggnation America

Diggnation America


3 Responses to “Are Kevin Rose and Captain American in Cahoots?”

  1. I’m pretty sure it *is* Kevin Rose. And I’m pretty sure he talked about it on an episode of Diggnation.

  2. Hmm Really? I thought I had seen all the episodes of Diggnation, either I missed one, or I wasn’t paying attention.

  3. hmbof786szx1os85

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