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The Best Twitter Apps

So like me you are addicted to Twitter, oh you’re not, well aren’t you special. For those of you who do enjoy the Twitterverse but aren’t sure what the best method of tracking Twitter or Tweeting is, look no further. Here are my two favourite Twitter applications.



The first is is TweetDeck, a desktop application that runs on Adobe Air, therefore is capable of running on Windows, Mac OS X, as well as Linux. TweetDeck allows you to see all the Tweets from people you are following, as well as @Replies and Direct Messages. Each appear in a seperate column, and can be turned off if you would rather just keep track of all tweets.
It’s a lot like Twhirl, another one of my favourites, but seems to run a tad faster.



Twinkle, is the amazing app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, which is location aware, so you can track fellow Twitter users who are currently in your area. Twinkle was originally released as an unofficial for Jailbroken iPhones, but was officially released in the App Store shortly after it premiered on July 11.

Both apps are free.

Oh yeah BTW you can follow me on Twitter at


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