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Quest For The Perfect App

Over the past week I’d so I’ve been testing out several “to do” and “get things done (GTD)” apps from the iPhone app store but have yet to fond the “perfect” app that suites my needs.

So far I’ve tried Remember The Milk, East Task, reQall, Evernote, and To Do by Erica Sadun.
Remember the Milk has some of the best features, it will send email reminders and allows you to tag and categorize tasks, as well as set priorities, however it is not actually available through the app store instead it works within mobile safari as a web app. For me it is necessary for my “perfect” app to be a stand alone app because I am often outside of wireless hotspots but still need to be able to add new tasks. Unfortunately this is the same reason why reQall fails. Although it is a real app, reQall must sync with an online server before adding new tasks, this renders it useless when not connected to the Internet. Evernote on the other hand just doesn’t function well as at “to do” app. It’s great for taking random notes or tagging photos for later, but doesn’t offer the simplicity I’m looking for. As for Easy Task Manager, I just didn’t like it. I don’t have a real explanation why, I just don’t like its GUI.
I’m left with To Do by Erica Sadun, which is by far the most simplistic of the apps I’ve tried so far. It allows you to create a heading and a attached note, set a priority of Important or average, and doesn’t require any kind of syncing. It is by far my favourite, although I would like it more if I could set due dates, and if it would send email reminders or some type of notification when a task is getting close to its due date.

If you have any suggestions about cool apps I should try out please let me know, I love testing out new apps and am always looking for something better than what I am already using.

[EDITOR’S NOTE] I wrote this entire post using the WordPress iPhone app, which I am now completely in love with. WordPress has posted the source code for the app on their blog (which actually goes against the NDA that Apple is holding over developers). I look forward to future updates.


5 Responses to “Quest For The Perfect App”

  1. I wish you’d told me this yesterday! I just submitted a ToDo update (one-tap items and optional badging) and until it’s reviewed by Apple, I can’t add new features.

    Apple is pretty down on automating email without user consent. What kind of alternative pings would you like? Adding dates is pretty easy.

    Contact me directly. I left the email addy in the comment form.

  2. are you using a blog? or standalone wordpress install? I can’t get the wordpress app to connect to my blog.

    ps. I share your app pain.

  3. I’m currently using a free blog, I’m moving over to a hosted blog soon once I have my new site written and find a good host.
    The app does work with both free blogs and hosted blogs though.

  4. Yeah. Figured it out, was a typo… drr.

  5. Glad you got things sorted out.

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