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Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander

Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander

I was perusing the selection of books in the humor section at work the other day (NOTE: To pay the bills I work at a very large bookstore) and Christian Lander’s book Stuff White People Like caught my eye. I had previously heard about Lander’s book and website from the Revision 3 show Internet Superstar. So I picked up the book and laughed my ass while reading sections of it out loud to coworkers, who seemed equally amused.

I’ve learned some valuable information from this book and somethings about myself as well such as: White people like Apple products,

Apple products tell the world you are creative and unique. They are an exclusive product line only used by every white college student, designer, writer, English teacher, and hipster on the planet… It is also important that white people are reminded of their creativity, and remember you need a Mac to creatively check email, creatively check websites, and creatively watch DVDs on planes.

Another important piece of information I learned was that white people like irony:

White people hate a lot of stuff (white people who vote republican, television, Vin Diesel movies, SUVs, fast food) but every once in a while they turn that hate into sweet irony… But the reason that white people love irony is that it lets them have some fun and feel better about themselves.

This is very true, all I need to do is walk around my neighborhood and look at all the hipsters who wear scarfs in July when it’s sweltering hot to know that white people like being ironic.

I could continue retyping Lander’s blog and giving my opinion about everything that white people enjoy or I could just point you to his blog so that you too may laugh your afternoon away.

BTW his book is available from, Indigo/Chapters, Borders, Barnes and Noble, as well as in audio book form from


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  1. Hah I meant to tell you about this…

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