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Inbox Zero Achieved

inbox zero

inbox zero

Over the weekend I noticed that I had an abundance of old emails that had piled up in my inbox over the past year. I’ve been following Merlin Mann‘s Inbox Zero and 43 Folders posts for a while but never really put his words into practice, until now that is. Today I was able to achieve Inbox Zero, and I feel much better because of it.

The Things that really prompted me to clean out my inbox was finding several emails from someone I was previously in a relationship with (FYI we haven’t been together in over eight months).

I’m hoping to be able to keep my email under control. I’m not saying that I get massive amounts of email, but enough that if I didn’t check it for a day or so it would be overwhelming. So as per Merlin’s suggestion I have decided not to be constantly checking my email, instead I will stick to checking it at regular intervals throughout the day.


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