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Sci-Fi Revival is Well Overdue


I’ve been saying for a while now that what the entertainment industry needs is a resurgence of science ficition films. Fantasy has been BIG for quite a while now: Harry Potter (although I would argue this isn’t real fantasy) Lord of the Rings, Eragon, In The Name of The King (Ugh… did I really just mention that, strike that, this movie no longer exists in my mind), The Chronicles of Narnia, Spiderwick, The Golden Compass, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Beowulf, to name a few have ruled the box office, along with various comic book adaptations. But what moviegoers need is a new slew of science ficiton films. I’m hoping this might get started with the release of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek, and also the upcoming Watchmen (which I suposse is still a comic book superhero movies, but it’s a superhero story unlike one we have ever seen, and is more alternate reality than true science fiction). It would be nice to see more films like Sunshine, a film which portrays a believable future space mission to restore life to our Sun.

With NASA planning on revamping their space program, sending humans to the Moon once again before attempting a maned mission to Mars, the world could benifit from science fiction/space related entertainment to generate interest and excitement for these missions.

Although many would argue that there is much to be resolved here on earth before we go off galavanting among the stars, I believe it is crucial to human evolution that we start exploring our solar system in greater detail.  With the Phoenix lander we are learning more about Mars and our solar system every day. And technology is getting to a point where it make a lot of scienfiction look dated. iPhones are much more sophisticated than Star Trek communicators (although communicators still seem to get better reception: from anywhere on Earth to outer orbit spacecrafts, I’d like to see Roger’s or AT&T offer that kind of coverage), and we’re starting to see more energy efficient forms of transportation (the Tesla for example).  Our love for computers and gadgets is practically shouting our love of science fiction, and the dream of making shows like Star Trek become closer to reality.

That’s all I wished to say, I just hope I get to see some great new sci-fi in the next couple of years.

PS. I’ve clearly been watching A LOT of Star Trek based on the direction this rant took.


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