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Hipster PDA Makes a Good iPhone Alternative

Hipster PDA

Hipster PDA

Were you looking forward to all the cool GTD apps (that’s “Get Things Done” for those of you not in the geek loop) for the iPhone 3G / iPhone / iPod Touch 2.0 so that you could keep your increasingly hectic life organized, but have had to let those dreams die because it wasn’t in your budget, well here is a good alternative.

The Hipster PDA is a concept put together by Merlin Mann (AKA Hotdogsladies) on his site Basically it is a dozen recipe cards held together by a binder clip. The Hipster PDA supports such apps as, Notes, Sketch, Lists, and Long Division, unfortunately like the iPhone it doesn’t support copy & paste, unless you upgrade to the version with scissors and a glue stick.  Merlin also recommends picking up The Fisher Bullet pen, which I have to say looks pretty awesome, I’ve always wanted to be able to write through butter, or in zero gravity.

Seriously though, isn’t it a good idea for everyone to carry around some kind of pen and paper type configurations? Think about all the times you’ve needed to write down someone’s phone number, email, or address. I know that I could benefit from carrying something like this… Although I do have an iPod Touch.


One Response to “Hipster PDA Makes a Good iPhone Alternative”

  1. I have a Hipster PDA and it is perfect! The best part is that the battery life is infinite, at least until the papers tear ;)

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