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Things I’ve Learned From Public Transportation

winnipeg bus

– People are awkward. Seriously, have you ever been riding the bus to work and noticed all the awkward people? There are a lot of them.
It starts with the process of actually waiting for the bus, everyone stands there shifting their weight from foot to foot, looking from side to side, glancing down the street waiting for the bus to come, and it only gets worse once you are actually on the bus, confined to share the small mobile space with every other poor bastard who can’t afford a car (myself included).

– People rely on technology and gadgets to avoid social interactions with others. We’re all guilty of this. My gadget of choice is my iPod Touch, with earphones in place I can ignore the boring conversations about how the new food court in the mall is looking real nice, and with the new apps I can read the New York Times and pretend I don’t see the guy beside me picking his nose and eating it. But cellphones seem to be the standard fare, everyone seems to have them and they are always playing with them. Although they probably aren’t actually talking to anybody. My favourite is when the business type guys are having business type conversations, and often refer to money… Don’t try to impress us, you’re riding the bus too asshole.

– People that don’t have their bus pass/change ready are jerks. Well I guess they aren’t really jerks, but they are really annoying. I can’t stand when someone has been waiting for the bus for several minutes but doesn’t think to have their bus pass handy to show the driver when they are boarding. If you ride the bus often enough to have a bus pass I suggest you keep it handy, don’t bury it at the bottom of your purse so that you have to remove every item inside just to get at it. you’re holding up the bus and making everyone else late, STOP IT.

– People will subject themselves to personal discomfort and go out of their way not to sit next to you. I guarantee you’ve done this too. You get on the bus only to discover that their is at least one person occupying every bench on the bus. So what do you do? You walk to the middle of the bus, past the grandmas and moms with multiple kids at the front, look around for an available seat, but you are either forced to sit next to someone or stand, holding the bars for dear life as the bus goes barreling across the city. If you do choose to sit down, you won’t be comfortable. You sit on the edge of your seat, grasping your bag or whatever personal possessions you may have with you on your lap, and try to maintain an appropriate buffer area between you and the stranger beside you.

– Teenage girls are very annoying. I don’t think I need to explain this, they just are. I didn’t care for their drama when I was in highschool, I don’t want to have to hear about it now.


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