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2.0 is the Cheese

I finally got my iPod Touch upgraded to firmware 2.0 (it only took twelve hours of fiddling with iTunes and dodgin’ iTunes error messages). And after playing around with it, downloading some of the free apps, and investigating all the new functions, I’m very impressed.

I’ve had a bit of trouble with some of the apps, Where doesn’t seem to load and just crashes after a minute or so, Remote took a whole lot of playing around with to be able to control iTunes (but now it works BEAUTIFULLY) and the New York Times apps is taking its sweet sweet time to load the technology page, but it’s all good.

Now I’m going back to playing with my shiny toy, I’ll post a full review tomorrow along with a list of my favourite apps.

PS. I heard Merlin Mann use the expression “it’s the cheese” on the MacBreak Weekly podcast and now think it’s the coolest saying ever.


2 Responses to “2.0 is the Cheese”

  1. PS Remote isn’t anything new, I found a free App that enables you to do the same thing MONTHHS ago.

  2. I know, I also used that jailbreak app, but this is actually made by Apple and is really slick, much better than the jailbreak app. Don’t be a snob.

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