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The Anticipation is Killing Me

No I’m not talking about the iPhone 3G (I know I’ve been talking about it a lot lately), I’m referring to Mobile Me and firmware 2.0 (ok so it’s almost an iPhone post).

iTunes 7.7 was released last night and got the ball rolling on the release of both the firmware 2.0 and Mobile Me.  I’ve been viciously checking and Apple’s official site all day in hopes of getting my greasy little hands on the new software. So far however I haven’t had any luck. Some people are claiming Mobile Me works, however it seems as though it’s suffering from a yo-yo effect of being up and going down. Firmware 2.0 (for iPhone only) was discovered in the Apple downloads page, but hasn’t been officially released, and the App store is reported to be working, with 300 apps, including 150(is) free apps.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on both in hopes of getting them running soon, I’ll keep you posted.


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