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Apple’s Servers are Dragging Their Feet

The iPod Touch 2.0 firmware upgrade has arrived, unfortunately it has been impossible to acquire it due to all the error messages I’ve been getting from the iTunes Store. This problem doesn’t appear to be mine alone, there have been several reports of the same or similar issues, as well as all the problems Apple and AT&T stores have been having while trying to activate new phones. On sources tells me that 8 million phones were activated in the first 3 hours (that has to be hard on the servers).

I’m going to keep trying to get mine working.

Check out some of the other people’s iPod / iPhone woes.

iTunes Store “Unavailable” This iPod Touch Owner Stuck in Update Limbo [via PC World]

iPod Touch 2.0 Firmware: It’s Official [via Gizmodo]

PS. I can only assume Steve Jobs is running around Cupertino ripping people’s heads off.

After the Line [via TUAW]


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