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iTunes 7.7 Update

That’s right iTunes 7.7 just went live, hit up Software Update to grab it now.

iTunes 7.7


4 Responses to “iTunes 7.7 Update”

  1. Do you know if this is only for newer Macs? When I go to Software Update it looks for updates but finds none. :( My poor little G4 (it has Mac OS 10.4.11)!

  2. Scratch that, Greg! It didn’t work earlier, but I tried again and it worked fine. Thanks for the news! I can’t wait to waste money on Apps when they are available. This could turn bad.

  3. There should are 150(ish) free apps in the app store out of 300 apps so it shouldn’t be too bad. You’ll have to wait for Apple to officially release firmware 2.0 for iPod Touch though… I’ve been waiting all day.

  4. Does that mean they’re releasing it TODAY/TONIGHT? Oooh! Now I have a reason to stay up.

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