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Canadian iPhone Petition Goes Mainstream

I wrote a brief post about the petition on the other day, and since then it seems as though the petition is getting pretty popular (not because of me though, I only wish this site got that kind of traffic). According to the site 28,017 people have already shown their displeasure with Rogers’ pricing plans for the iPhone.

I realize Rogers is a big company and cellphone companies are used to dealing with irate customers, but 28,000 people is a big deal, that’s a lot of pissed off customers. But then again, that’s the advantage of being a monopoly: customers can be as pissed as they want, but if they want a cellphone that runs on a GSM network, or more specifically crave the new iPhone, then there is really nowhere to turn.

The Winnipeg Free Press spoke with Rogers in a recent article about the petition

Liz Hamilton, a spokeswoman for Rogers said the company had no comment on the petition but said it was apparent there is “confusion in the marketplace” about Rogers’ pricing plans for the phone.

She said iPhone 3G bundles are high value and offer customers savings over voice and data plans that exist today though they are not the only plans being offered.

“These are the best value for customers who wish to use the iPhone 3G as it was meant to be used, but as always our customers have choices,”

Ok, so if there is “confusion in the marketplace” than perhaps Rogers should be doing a better job of making things clear with customers. Why is it that all cellphone companies seem to do business in a shroud of secrecy? I think it’s time there was a bit more transparency in the mobile phone industry (even translucency would be better than what we have now).

[Source] Petition blasts iPhone plans.


3 Responses to “Canadian iPhone Petition Goes Mainstream”

  1. I love that you used the phrase “in a shroud of secrecy”.

  2. I like them word things.

  3. […] located at (which at this time of blog posting, closed down without notice). One blogger decided to post his/her views about the iPhone petition and telling the word to Mr. Ted Rogers and […]

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