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Take Off You Hoser

canadianToday is Canada day, a celebration of the unification of Canada, a pathetic attempt at national pride, and a time to sit back in the summer sun and forget that you’ll have to go to work again tomorrow. As you can see I’m not exactly a proud citizen full of true patriot love or any of the that crap. I do enjoy the freedoms this country accords, and I am thankful I live in a place that is mostly free from war and famine, but I don’t think that is a good reason to feel good about this country. Unlike popular belief Canada has done is fair share of wrongs, just look at the way we treated (still treat) first nations people, our internment of Japanese-Canadiens during World War II and our role in the war on terror in Afganistan, among others.

If you’ve been reading my last couple of posts you’ll know that I am also a little miffed about cellphone plans in Canada, as well as the lack of access Canadians have to online media such as Hulu. So check out this article by Dan Nosowitz of Gizmodo, because I’m going to eat nachos and forget that I still have to work tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Take Off You Hoser”

  1. Hi, I’m from Canada and am a little bit confused about some of your points. Obviously the nation has done wrong in the past, and guess what, it will do it again, just like you and just like me. In fact, nobody is perfect. What really confuses me though is that you say Canada treats First Nations poorly. I agree that in the past we were not so hospitable (i.e. forcing them onto reservations and into special schools), but it seems to me that any problems that the First Nations have now are self created. It seems obvious to me (though I may be wrong) that First Nations are treated better by the government and given preferential treatment in almost every single matter. They do not pay taxes, bands are allocated money which is often used to pay children to go to school, or pay for a graduate student to go on to university. In fact my friend was given 13,000 dollars by her band for university.

    In land disputes, First Nations win out many times, reclaiming even part of UBC endowment. The next logical step I suppose, would be to discuss racism. I will say right now that I am white. I must also tell you that growing up with first nations has been frustrating, because, especially in school, I couldn’t even call my friend by a nickname because other first nations would say I had been racist, I would get sent to the principle and suspended.

    In that same sentence that they used to call me a racist, however, they could have also called me a half a million other things that would have been completely deragatory. This would affect nothing, this, for some reason, is not racism. I’m not saying that every First Nations would do this, that WOULD be racist, but it’s very frustrating to have to grow up with kids who are given extremely preferential treatment to the point where I have to do exactly what they say or I may end up suspended from school or as I got older, in jail.

    Getting back to the main topic though, I love Canada! I admit we have our faults, but so does everyone. I personally think that the benifts outweigh the flaws!

  2. My point was that I view patriotism and nationalism as useless ideals that have done far more wrongs than good. You can like the place you live (as I do), but not subscribe to the blind sense of patriotism and the “we can do no wrong” attitude that comes along with it.

    I never said I dislike Canada as a place, my argument is against the institution of Canada, and the people who run this country.

    This is the end of my debate. This is a technology and entertainment site, not a political diatribe, you can find those if you like their are hundreds, if not thousands, of those out there.

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