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Canada Petitons Apple/Rogers

Apparently I’m not the only one who is just a little mifted at Rogers after seeing their proposed rates for the iPhone. After posting a link to the Rogers page I received a couple emails from people who were more than a little dissappointed with what Rogers had to offer. And while browsing Gizmodo as I so often do, I found this story.

Check out the site petitioning Steve Jobs himself to renegotiate the terms with Rogers.

My cynisism tells me this is will do very little good, and that Rogers will continue to do what they want and overcharge customers, because that’s what evil cell phone companies are good at.

[UPDATE] Engadget has just discovered an internal Rogers memo that reveals the process of activating the phones in store. The process seems to involve a speacial version of iTunes design to activate phones, which will only be available to authorized retailers.


4 Responses to “Canada Petitons Apple/Rogers”

  1. This is ridiculous!

    What is with the rage with iPhone Plans in Canada? sure, by comparisons it’s such a rip-off compared to other countries such as The United States and The UK.

    Where’s the rage and protest against such ridiculous data plan with the Blackberries in Canada?

    Canadian Tel-Co has been charging their customers to the mitochondria well before the iPhone 3G announcement. is so disingenuous. If the Canadian wants to protest, then protest the source that is the ridiculously expensive wireless data plan.

    It seems that the whole and others alike are great PR move for other handset manufacturers.

    If you don’t like the iPhone 3G plan in Canada, then get the Canada’s own Blackberry Plan. Wait a minute, it’s not any better. It is worse!

    All in all, it is Rogers and other Canadian Tel-Co that need to be protested.

    You can make a difference by protesting the Tel-Co. It has nothing to do with the iPhone at all.

  2. I agree that it is Rogers who are to blame, and I agree that it is not just the iPhone customers that are getting ripped off. I’m locked into a 3 year contract right now and can’t upgrade my phone unless I pay a $500 hardware upgrade fee!
    But I don’t care about Blackberries. Call me a fanboy or whatever, that’s cool I can live with that. The iPhone is the only cellphone I’ve seen that has a truly intuitive interface, built in iPod (I know other cellphones have mp3 players but they all suck) and all the other features I currently use with my iPod Touch. Blackberries are meant for businessmen. I’ve played with a Blackberry and it was still as crummy of an experience as an other cellphone.
    The only other system that interests me is Googles Android, but there hasn’t been enough released about it yet.

  3. I have been traveling and working in Asia for the last 2.5 years. This included countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, S. Korea and Japan. Cellphones and broadband 3G services are all pretty much even and fairly plentiful – not all these countries listed had 3G services. Sure their are lots of people using the services but what gets me is that ALL cellphone are purchased unlocked in asia! That means you can go to any service provider and switch your sim card on a GSM network. Pretty cool eh!
    You can’t do that in Canada… they lock you into using the companies cellphones – locking you into services that cost an arm and a leg… no REALLY! I’m appalled! This is unfair to the consumer and I feel cheated!
    I feel that something big is going to have to change if we are to have a democratic cellphone services in Canada. Somebody will have to make a company to compete with Rogers, Telus, Mikes, Virgin and Fido!
    I was paying $53.25 eqiv for “totally unlimited” 3G service for my cellphone that got internet service/streaming TV in Tokyo which by the way is already an expensive city. My data transfers, internet and weekend- evenings and daytime calls were included in that deal – may I state again, UNLIMITED service for the month. No hidden charges. The same service from Rogers is not available – even at $115 for the top data plan on the iPhone 3G you’re limited to 2 Gb of data transfer and you are still be charged other things like text messaging – I find this totally unacceptable!

    We really are being ripped off!

  4. I agree. Thanks for the comment.

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