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Firefox 3 Lives!

I might have been a tad preemptive with my last post, apparently I justed need to wait until they officially released Firefox 3 into the world.

So now that I’ve downloaded it and installed it on my Mac… well it’s not really a big change. Let me clarify: It isn’t a big change from the release candidate that I have been testing out for the past month. It is a step up from Firefox 2.

It certainly looks nicer, with the native support it has for whatever platform you are using. Because it is Firefox it has the customizable features we’ve all come to enjoy (even if some of them have yet to be update for the newest release). It’s fast. I have yet to see how fast in comparison to the other browsers (Camino, Safari 3, Flock) I use, but fast enough.

So over the next couple weeks I will be testing out Firefox 3 in hopes of finding the right combinations of add-ons to make it sing and then we’ll see which browser will win the battle, and become my favorite.

[UPDATE] Firefox just won big points in my books for having this little easter egg. Type about:robots into the address bar for some robot awesomness.



One Response to “Firefox 3 Lives!”

  1. What other treats does Firefox 3 hide?

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