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Testing Out Flock

I’m a little behind on this one.

Firefox 3 seems to be getting all the hype these days, and I’ll admit I have a soft spot in my heart for Firefox, it was after all the browser that made me see the light and got me away from the dreadful Internet Explorer, and when I made the move to a Mac it was the first thing I installed.
But after using it for a while I got tired of how it hogged the processes on my Mac and didn’t quite fit in with the OS X environment, which is why I switch to using Camino as my browser of choice.

Camino is a great browser (like Firefox it is Gecko based and made by Mozilla) but lacked a lot of the plug-ins and features that Firefox provided. I often found myself having numerous tabs open just to keep up with all the social networks I keep track of, as well as my blog. This is where Flock comes in to the picture.

I’ve heard plenty of people sing the praises of Flock. Leo Laporte and Veronic Belmont both mention it often  and finally I caved an decided to install it on my computer and give it a try. In fact I’m writing this very post from the Flock wordpress blogging feature, which I have to say is far better than any 3rd party blogging app I’ve ever used. It’s very similar to the WordPress browser interface without any of the clutter and a larger text window.

Because Flock is designed with social networking in mind it allows you to keep track of your twitter, pownce, digg, flickr…etc. Now I don’t have to keep switching between a zillion tabs to keep track of all this stuff, it’s pretty great. 

The Flickr features are especially great. Flock allows you to upload photos to Flickr from the sidebar without having to go directly your Flickr page, I haven’t tested this out yet, but I am planning on doing so later on tonight.

So in conclusion, if you find that you’re switching between too many tabs just to keep track of all the sites and social networks you are a part of Flock is a great solution.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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